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Green Beans Gremolata

This Thanksgiving, how many greens will be on your menu?

metabolic health nutrition recipes Aug 12, 2023

From one holiday to the next, I’m loving the fall! It can be hectic though, no doubt about it. That’s why I highly recommend planning (and delegating) as much as possible. There is no reason you need to do it all.

Especially when it comes to making Thanksgiving dinner. Fortunately, my hubby loves to handle the turkey and mashed potatoes. This year, my in-laws are handling the sweet potatoes and stuffing. Desserts are also covered. That leaves me to tend to the greens (my favorite).

Photo by: Quentin Bacon

I know everyone loves a green bean casserole, but last year, I changed it up to go the leaner route. I made this Ina Garten Green Beans Gremolata recipe and it was amazing.

Photo by: Ambitious Kitchen

I also made a spinach, pear, and pomegranate salad, similar to the one by Ambitious Kitchen. I skipped the sweet potatoes since we were already having these on the side. My goal was to draw folks into my plan to add fiber and polyphenols to this delicious meal, and it worked (muahaha!).

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